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Emu Oil Changed My Life Dramatically!!

In 1995, Stephen Schmidt was driving his truck carting hay from farms to his produce store at Marburg Qld. Years of heavy lifting had paid a toll, his joints were worn and aching and driving his truck long distances was getting unbearable.

Then something happened that was to change his way of life and set him on a trail of sheer determination. He was given Emu oil to rub on his aching knees and shoulders, as he drove along the highway, he massaged Emu oil onto his worn out body. To his surprise he noticed a huge difference in pain reduction, he arrived home and for the first time in years he managed to get out of his truck pain free. He couldn’t believe it, no pain!

From that moment on he decided to change his business to Emu farming. He sold his precious Emu oil from the produce store for rubbing on and Queensland Itch on horses. (Marburg being a horse town there were plenty of horses to get relief from what Stephen considered "nature’s best kept secret"). It sold like hotcakes as word of mouth spread further afield. Most of the sales being for Qld itch, mange on dogs or simply rubbing on for pain relief.

Then one day a man came to Stephen's farm and said, "Do you know that Americans are testing Emu oil internally for cholesterol dissolving?" Stephen decided to drink the oil himself, as he was not in good health, he spoke to his doctor about trialling his oil internally on himself. Simply by taking the oil he had fabulous results, his doctor was pleased and he no longer had to rub on for pain relief. He then put his oil into capsules and set out selling his Golden Emu Oil Capsules under the brand name of Try It Emu Oil Capsules. 28 days later he received interesting calls from customers claiming they had fantastic results with their sugar levels so in 2001, Stephen announced on ABC radio that he would give away his capsules to diabetics to study the results. Many took up the challenge and thanks to those results; it proved a great stepping stone to further studies. Since then simply by word of mouth he boasts thousands of customers within Australia and overseas.

Early days Stephen had a friend "Doc the Emu” that accompanied him on his journey; many may remember seeing Doc at the shows. Stephen married Sarah and they have created a natural environment and supply "All natural products". Under the brand name Emu Heaven divined by Try It Emu Farm Marburg. Well-fed Emus and unique pure natural processing creates "The fabulous golden Emu oil elixir -Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules" that customers swear by. (the 1000mg capsules).

We thank our customers for spreading the good word and look forward to your good health and calls.

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